How We Work?

Promising Return After Harvest

Investors can receive up to 20% returns on their investments depending on the amount investment and the value of the produce.


Our farmers are able to keep a job, expand their farm operations and increase their revenue

Strengthening Food

Farm Investors participation in Agriculture contributes to domestic food production and thus protects food security in this region

Utilizing Arbal Farmers Land

We are focused on taking advantage of under-utilized arable land in rural communities to grow food


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About Us

Money Farm sees the future in Africa’s emerging agricultural demographics. When you join us at Money farm in the Gambia, we bring you a unique opportunity to invest and help grow the next generation of Africa’s food producers. We’ve partnered with some of Africa’s leading innovative entrepreneurs to create a program that will put your money to work. We have set up a direct investment vehicle that is well-positioned in the changing agricultural landscape, from large-scale farmers who have traditional crops to small-scale individual farmers who are adopting more sustainable methods of farming.

Our Story

Money Farm is an online platform that provides the best opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurs and investors to start, grow and diversify their farming business in Africa. We are a virtual farm life africa platform for investors interested in investing in genuine African farms.

Our Partners


Money farm is The Gambia’s 1st Agric Tech crowdfunding  platform established in August 2018 whose mission is to create wealth in Africa starting with The Gambia, one rural farmer at a time. We do this by creating an online platform for “everyday people”, to engage in the agricultural value chain by sponsoring farms in rural communities.

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